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All-Ukrainian Olympiad

The Kyiv School of Economics with the support of Genesis invites students to take part in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Quantitative Methods in Economics

How will the KSE BrainChamp Olympiad take place?

The first round will be held online at November 20 at 17 o'clock.
The tasks will be in the form of tests with variants of answers, the decision will be 60 minutes. Winners of the first round will be invited to the final round, which will be held December 4 at the Kyiv School of Economics. The winners of the second round will be announced on the same day during the Open Doors Day.

Who can take part?

Students from universities and graduates from 2017-18 will be invited to participate. The competition will be of interest to students in economics, finance, mathematics and engineering. KSE students can not participate in KSE BrainChamp.

In order to participate in the KSE BrainChamp Online Tour, you need to:
 • Sign up at
 • Fill out all personal data on the My Profile page. Filling is required!
 • November 20 at the site solve the test tasks of the Olympiad. For a timely start of solving problems, please log in to the site in advance (10-15 minutes before the start of KSE BrainChamp).

The results of the KSE BrainChamp I tour will be released on November 21, 2018. All finalists of the 1st round will be personally informed about further details of participation in the second round.

The date of the II (final) tour of the KSE BrainChamp - December 4, 2018 in Kyiv.
The final decision to determine the winners, including those involving multiple competitors with the same number of points, will qualify for the prize pool, will be a jury consisting of KSE Professors.

Working language KSE BrainChamp - Ukrainian.

Participants are expected to receive valuable prizes and the opportunity to obtain the best economic education in Ukraine.